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Energy drinks are a source of caffeine which most of us rely on day in and day out. But do we really know what we are putting into our bodies when we open an energy drink? The Caffeine Informer suggests energy drinks are consumed as they usually have a fruity flavour and this is more appealing to a younger audience than coffee, which is quite bitter.

Energy drinks are known as the new coffee for our generation, with the industry expected to double by 2025 (from figures reported in 2016). High in sugar and loaded with caffeine, these drinks can be a real danger to us, especially if consumed in high quantities. University is the prime time for energy drink consumption alongside alcohol – these drinks are easy to pick up and leave us feeling less zombie-like.

What are the effects of energy drinks?

In 2018 the sale of energy drinks was banned for under 16s, which the BBC state is due to their “worrying links to obesity, stomach pains and altered behaviour.” There are now many new offerings on the market like low-calorie soft drinks which offer similar effects without the ‘bad stuff’ in tow.

The effects of energy drinks on the body aren’t completely known, but according to the NHS, energy drinks could cause the following issues:

* Caffeine overdose (which can lead to a number of symptoms, including convulsions, high blood pressure, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, and, in some cases, even death) * Type 2 diabetes – high consumption of caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity * Poor dental health

The list goes on and even more facts are starting to arise thanks to the amount of research which is being done. Although most of us don’t rely on these drinks, those who do could be in for a real shock. According to Healthy Eating, the average energy drink contains anywhere from 24-29 grams of sugar!

Should I quit energy drinks for good?

In short, energy drinks are bad for you if they are consumed often. However, there are so many alternatives on the market you can consider, like Overhang. Overhang boosts your mentality and will give you all the healthy vitamins you need to feel better in your everyday life. Plus, it doesn’t have any caffeine in and was made in a time before e-numbers even existed.

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