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How to beat the commuter rat race

Picture, if you will, a Monday morning. It’s 8am and, armed with your laptop bag and paperwork, you’re on your way to the office.

No doubt, like hundreds of others standing on the train station platform, you rushed your morning routine. You were desperate for an extra five minutes in bed, maybe grabbed a slice of toast as you ran out of the front door. You barely had time to shower, let alone think about any other self-care!

Now’s your chance. When you step onto that train, you need to take advantage of every available minute. If you start your day right, you’re heading for success. But, as you make your way into work, you’re running out of time.

Spend your time carefully

For some people, time spent commuting is a chance to escape work for just a few minutes more. If that’s you, make sure that you avoid all thoughts of work by distracting yourself with a good book, a favourite game, your best playlist or a chat with a fellow passenger. Don’t be tempted to quickly check your emails!

Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person that likes to make sure that you’re set up for the day, this is the perfect time to check your emails! Use this time to finalise a presentation script or put the finishing touches to a report that you need to submit. That way, you’ll be ready to go when you walk through the office doors.

Decide – are you the former or the latter? Don’t let the two mix. Be one or the other.

Make sure that you’re well-fed and hydrated

Especially in cramped, overcrowded trains, dehydration can be an issue. You might also have skipped a proper, nourishing breakfast.

Bring out the Overhang and enjoy a delicious on-board health drink that doesn’t come from the refreshment cart. Packed with vitamins, and natural ingredients including milk thistle and ginger, it’ll give you the energy you need in the morning. You can even buy it online, which is great if you’re really short on time!

Negotiate with your employer

If your employer’s stuck in the dark ages, with working hours that aren’t flexible, then now’s the time to negotiate.

If you spend ages waiting for your train at the end of the working day and often sit around before work as well, then why not negotiate a change in start and finish times? Your employer will still get exactly the same amount of work from you, but perhaps you’ll catch an earlier (and quieter) train.

What have you got to lose?

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