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How To Get More Vitamin C In Your Diet

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, which does our bodies a whole load of good. From protecting cells and healing wounds to maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bone and cartilage, all of us need vitamin C to keep our bodies functioning properly. In a world of fast food and takeaways, it can be hard to get enough of those essential vitamins and minerals, so below we look at some easy ways you can boost your levels of vitamin C.

Try the veggie option

One of the best sources of vitamin C is colourful fruits and vegetables like broccoli, blackcurrants, red and green peppers, and Brussel sprouts. With more and more vegetarian and vegan options available, choosing a vegetable-based option is an easy and delicious way to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. It’s also a great way to add some new ingredients to your diet and it can often be a healthier choice too!

Natural goodness

Vitamin C is found in lots of natural food and drinks, so choosing these is a sure way to boost your vitamin C intake. Try and drink fresh orange juice, as this is a great source of vitamin C, and snack on fresh fruits like strawberries and blackcurrants instead of crisps or sweets.

Healthier soft drinks

Healthy soft drinks are another simple change you can make to get that dose of vitamin C. Overhang, our deliciously revitalising soft drink contains more than half of your recommended RDA vitamin C intake. With a host of other important vitamins, minerals and botanicals, switching to a healthier drink like Overhang can be a great way to get more vitamin C every day. Instead of reaching for a coffee or artificial energy drink, a vitamin-filled soft drink is a great way to feel energised and healthy.

Vitamin C beauty products

As well as introducing vitamin C into your diet, you can incorporate it into your beauty routine too! Vitamin C is great for bright and clear skin, and beauty companies are using this wonder vitamin in all sorts of different ways. A vitamin C moisturiser is great for dull skin, vitamin C peels and cleansers are great for cleaning skin, and serums with vitamin C in are perfect for glowy skin.

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