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Is orange juice good for a cold?

When we’re feeling ill, we will do almost anything to feel better again. One of the world’s best-loved remedies is orange juice. Known to be a high source of vitamin C, orange juice is considered a great pick-me-up for when we feel under the weather. And in Britain we love the stuff; in fact, in 2017 alone we consumed 898 million litres as a nation. But is there a better solution for dealing with a cold?

Orange juice as the cure for the common cold?

While there’s still no single cure for the common cold, oranges have long been associated with powerful healing properties, with orange juice often given to patients or individuals who are recovering from an injury. That’s because citrus fruits like orange juice help to improve blood circulation and detox the body, but the fruit is also a good source of fibre and contributes to a healthy diet which helps prevent the risk of diseases. More importantly, the vitamin C in orange juice is thought to help shorten a cold’s duration and also work as a natural decongestant. But the reality is, topping up your vitamin intake and staying healthy (alongside getting plenty of rest!) is the best way to cure a cold. And that doesn’t just start and end with orange juice.

Boosting your immune system naturally

There are a number of natural ingredients out there that have long been considered to contribute to a healthy immune system. Ingredients such as gingermilk thistle, and burdock root have been praised for centuries as holistic remedies able to revitalise and restore the body and senses, thanks to their rich source of vitamins and minerals. But what’s the easiest way to give your body the vitamin boost it needs? That’s where our botanical drink Overhang comes in. Overhang isn’t just packed with half your recommended intake of vitamin C from citrus fruits like orange and lime, it’s also rich in vitamins B3, B5 and B6 garnered from all these natural ingredients and more.

Plus, Overhang is not just what you think it’s for. It can help revitalise your body during those other times when you’re feeling low or experiencing some of the symptoms of a cold. Boosting your vitamin intake can lift the spirits, provide more energy and make you better able to recover from fatigue without having to rely on caffeine. Why not try it for yourself today?

Orange juice by Simon Cocks licensed under Creative Commons 4.0


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