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Advice on the best things to eat or drink after giving birth is not as easy to come by as information on health issues during pregnancy. However, irrespective of whether you are breastfeeding or not, post-pregnancy eating habits are important!

Which supplements to use post-birth?

The natural tendency – especially when facing irregular sleep and snatched meals between feeds – is to reach for expensive post-pregnancy vitamin supplements. One thing to keep in mind is that according to a BBC report (which the NHS outlines on its informative website), post-birth supplements are a waste of money! The report found that the expensive products promoted to support healthier pregnancies or provide post-birth recovery were in fact “unlikely to be needed and are an unnecessary expense”.This reiterated the guidance issued by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the topic. NICE promotes the use of folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin A throughout pregnancy and beyond, but doesn’t promote any other items commonly included in post-birth supplements.

Healthy diet after giving birth

You can easily consume all the best vitamins and minerals to restore health after giving birth by eating vegetables, fruits and good quality proteins, and by opting for a suitable low-calorie options that would otherwise take pride of place in your diet. Proteins such as pulses, certain cheeses, lean meat, fish and beans will work their magic, helping to restore your body and giving you the strength to cope with new parenthood. Often, the best advice for recovering your health and hormone balance after giving birth hinges on what not to do! That includes the usual “no-nos” such as foods full of saturated fat, sugar or sodium. These generally have limited nutritional value and can interfere with your digestive system’s ability to process vitamins and minerals from the good food you eat.

What to eat for energy post-pregnancy

You will need lots of “get up and go” as a new parent, but please put the chocolate down! Complex carbs with their slow release of energy are much better. Also, make sure to get plenty of Vitamin C. This supports the natural production of collagen, the protein that repairs tissue damaged during delivery, and it gives your immune system a healthy boost to keep you full of energy. One of the best drinks for supporting your healthy post-pregnancy diet would be uplifting and refreshing health drink: Overhang. It’s an all natural drink, which provides 50% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. That’s on top of being a delicious way to get B vitamins, alongside a host of botanical extracts to help the body recover.

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