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Staying Revitalised Throughout The Day

It goes without saying, that hydration and vitality are essential 24/7 to keep our bodies and minds functioning properly. However, there are alternatives out there. Drinks which are not dull as dishwater and provide extra benefits over and above hydration, such as Overhang, which provides you with the revitalising edge you need for that extra ‘go’.

Why is revitalisation so important?

In the modern day, we tend to wake up depleted of vital minerals, salts and vitamins. Even more so in the summer, we can often spend a night sweating out goodness and dehydrating ourselves. We wake up, and the first thing we do is have a diuretic (coffee) and a hot shower. Most of us think this is a good thing, but this fairly common routine, is why so many of us are in need of vitality.

Energy and concentration are intrinsic

Hydration and vitality are directly linked to our levels of concentration, mood, and performance. How many times have you started a day feeling groggy, and have felt equally as groggy come the afternoon or evening? We bet any money you probably didn’t work as hard as you normally would.

The brain needs nourishment. Without hydration, vital minerals, salts and vitamins we simply do not perform, be it in the workplace, the gym or in the bedroom (Yes, that’s exactly what we mean).

Vitamins such as B3, B5 and B6 are known to improve cognitive function. A good job we pack each bottle of Overhang with so much goodness right?

Providing your body with the goodness it needs

Obviously, we are biased and want you to buy our century old drink. But also, we know a thing or two about nutrition. You can’t simply rely on drinks to keep you fueled – nor should they be used as a replacement.

Try eating a high fat, low simple carb meal for a slow release of energy during the day. Make sure your protein intake matches your macros. Keep eating those greens for a more alkaline body. By sticking to very basic principles of nutrition and wellness, there’s no reason you shouldn’t function like a pro, all day, every day.

Staying revitalised is easy with Overhang. Overhang provides 50% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C alongside Vitamin B3, B6, B5 and more. We pack it full of milk thistle, burdock root and raspberry leaf. Check some of our fantastic customer reviews on Amazon to find out why some of our customers rave about the benefits of Overhang.

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