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Tips to stay hydrated this summer

Updated: May 24, 2021

Summer is the season that brings with it hot weather and endless ice cream, so it’s no wonder why so many of us are constantly outside soaking up the rays. However, it is important that we stay hydrated and are aware of the best ways to achieve this. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated this summer.

Food with high water content

Consuming foods that have got a considerably high water content are helpful in giving your body the hydration it requires. Many water-rich foods such as cucumber, watermelon, spinach, grapefruit, celery, strawberries and cantaloupe are in season throughout the summer so they shouldn’t be that difficult to obtain.

A new water bottle

Sometimes all you need is something new to motivate you. A new water bottle can give you the motivation you require to drink more liquids during the day and stay hydrated. Purchasing a water bottle that shows you how much to drink will be beneficial as you won’t get behind on your liquid intake.

Drink during any physical activity

When you are walking or engaging in any sort of exercise, it’s essential to stay hydrated to replenish the water you have lost through sweating. Carrying some form of liquid on you while exercising can be an effective reminder to always be hydrated. Proper hydration means drinking before, during and after exercising.

Stay hydrated during flights

Airplanes are associated with low-humidity air and can be very dehydrating. Make sure you purchase a drink after going through security or ask for one when the beverage cart passes by mid-flight as sometimes, it’s too busy at the airport and you’re rushing to get on the plane.


It’s important to always stay hydrated and Overhang can help you achieve that. This low-calorie soft drink includes a variety of vitamins and delicious ingredients such as limes, oranges and ginger to help revitalise your body and give you a healthy uplift. Available in Tesco and ASDA in the southwest of England, Morrisons and Holland & Barrett nationally as well as through Amazon, make sure to pick up a couple of bottles to stay hydrated.

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