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Top 5 things to take on holiday this summer

For a lot of people, the most stressful part of a holiday is the packing beforehand. There are the obvious things that you remember i.e. clothes and your passport, but what about the little things that slip your mind? This list is just a snapshot of what can make your holiday easier and more enjoyable.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Buying some noise-cancelling headphones is a lifesaver on long-haul flights when the person next to you is a loud snorer. If you don’t travel too often, then noise-cancelling earphones are a worthy investment as they are smaller and don’t cost a fortune. Never forget to take a double headphone jack so you can connect them into your seat while traveling.


These are a definite must if you want to use anything electrical while on holiday. It also saves you time and money by not needing to go into the local supermarket to buy an adaptor or two.

Walking shoes

While you plan to spend the majority of your holiday lazing by the pool or reading on the beach, there is always that one excursion which you really want to go on but realise that you haven’t got any suitable footwear. Walking shoes are a must in order to feel comfortable when exploring the area and visiting historical landmarks.


Every year people say they aren’t going to get sunburnt yet they always do. With the help of aloe vera, Aftersun soothes the inflamed skin by locking in moisture, helps stop your skin from peeling and flaking as well as providing a cooling effect. This allows you to enjoy the rest of your holiday without having irritated skin.


It’s important to stay hydrated on holiday and while cocktails are tasty, it’s best not to live off them while you’re abroad. Overhang is a low-calorie soft drink which is packed full of vitamins and delicious ingredients such as oranges, limes and ginger that can give you the refreshing boost you are looking for. Overhang is available in Tesco and Asda in the South West of England; Morrisons and Holland and Barrett nationally, as well as Amazon.

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