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Everyone has to experience a music festival at least once in their lifetime; a one day music festival is the perfect option for those who want the festival experience but don’t relish the thought of camping. However, if you want your day to be truly unforgettable then you need to bring the essentials; here are five things you can’t go to a festival without.

1. Don’t forget your liquids

Music festivals are tiring, and the morning after can be just as bad. A health drink will keep you going throughout the day, but unlike run-of-the-mill energy drinks, Overhang nourishes the body with a cocktail of botanicals and essential vitamins, including vitamin C. When you stock up on healthy soft drinks for your next music festival, reach for a nourishing Overhang instead of other energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine.

2. A money belt

Festivals are a hotspot for thieves and it’s estimated that more than £170,000 worth of possessions were stolen from the top five festivals in 2016. One way to counter this problem is to keep your possessions on you at all times by using a money belt; they might not complement your outfit, but you’ll be grateful for one when your belongings are secure.

3. Portable phone charger

If you’re hoping to document every moment of your festival experience, then this tip is essential for you. Your phone battery is unlikely to last long, leaving you without a phone if an emergency should strike. A portable phone charger is lightweight and can recharge your phone to full capacity. That being said, unless the festival site hires in antennas, you’ll struggle to find signal. Stick your phone on flight mode to help preserve battery life if you can’t take a charger.

4. Roll-up rain poncho

While you can hope for perfect weather, it isn’t always a guarantee, certainly in the UK. A roll-up poncho is the ideal solution as you can still showcase your outfit while staying dry; they’re also a more lightweight than a regular rain mac so you can usually store them in your bag.

5. Your own porta-loo kit

Festival toilets are dire and you would be tasked to find one fully stocked with toilet paper; bring a pack of tissues with you and you’re guaranteed to become the hero of the toilet queue. Most importantly, bring a travel sized hand sanitiser with you so your hands can remain germ-free.

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