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To get your body beach-ready – or to recover from your holiday after two weeks of rich foods and all-you-can-consume drinks – you may be wondering what ‘best detox drink’ is. The problem is that there are many products around, and it’s hard to know which detox drink works best!

The starting point must be: what is your goal?. There are drinks that help promote weight loss, clearer skin and there are even ones that help you detox before drugs tests.

Natural detox is best

The thing to keep in mind is that some commercial detox drinks can actually interfere with your body’s natural balance and digestive systems, and could cause more toxins to build up. Be wary of sugar content as well as the hated ‘E-numbers’. Beware of detox drinks that are potent and strip away some of the substances your body needs for good health. We shan’t mention any names, but we know of certain teas which promote weight loss, but in fact are a glorified laxative.

Herein lies a valuable lesson on the whole topic of detoxing safely when you feel sluggish, you’ve had a break-out, or you just generally feel grim.

Your body is equipped with all it needs to flush out toxins, all by itself, as long as you eat healthy for a while, and put aside sugary or alcoholic drinks in favour of a natural health drink. There are however, certain ingredients which will help to speed up your bodies natural response to toxicity.

What ingredients help detox?

Any recipe or detox drink product that includes certain key ingredients is a step in the right direction.

One is ginger, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Another is citrus fruits (such as orange and lime), which pack a mighty wallop of Vitamin C. These give your immune system a kick to get it working more effectively.

Raspberry leaf is a nutrition-rich substance that also contains lots of antioxidants to boost health. One of the antioxidant powerhouses is Burdock, also famed for its ability to release toxins from the body.

Having an extra dose of B vitamins in your detox drink is also a recipe for a successful outcome. This category of nutrients has a positive effect on metabolism, helping your body to release vitamins and minerals from the other food and drink you consume.

If you want to tick all these boxes – in one low-calorie soft drink – check out Overhang. No complex detox claims or mystery ingredients; it can simply make you feel refreshed and give your health an important boost.

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