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Gym-goers often put a lot of thought into how to prep for their workout. Equally important is making sure you give your body what it needs to recover after an intense session. One way to do this is by replacing lost fluids with an energy/recovery drink that not only meets the body’s need for hydration, but also replenishes any vitamins that it might need to recover. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to choose the best drinks for the gym that work for you, when, or after you’re working out.

The crucial ingredients

It’s important to read the label when picking out a post-workout drink, as many of the low-calorie soft drink options on the market are pumped full of bad stuff. Some of these ingredients can cause the body more harm than good. Make sure you’re choosing a product that mentions (by name) the healthy vitamins that will be required to refresh you post workout, including vitamins B6, B5 and B3 and of course vitamin C. Even better is when these vitamins are included in combination with the use of natural botanicals, such as milk thistle supplement and ginger.

Try and avoid caffeine, as the temptation for an instant boost, will be counteracted by a slump in energy and an elevated heart rate that could increase fatigue. Sugar content is another big one. Try and avoid high sugar drinks as the sugar content could counteract the calories you burn.

A matter of taste

When it comes to choosing a health drink, there may be a preconception that said drink won’t necessarily taste particularly good if it’s also providing health benefits. This is completely false. There are plenty of healthy soft drinks out there that prioritise taste as well as creating a quality, healthy product. Why not choose a drink that has a mix of delicious flavours, such as orange and lime? You can look forward to the end of your workout rather than leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Tailor your post-workout routine to you

There’s no one-size-fits-all routine for everyone after spending time at the gym. Think about the amount of time you usually spend there, as well as the intensity of your exercise. For a short, brief burst of energy, it might be that on this occasion you require nothing more than a cold bottle of water, but for longer amounts of time spent exercising it’s very important all those carbs and electrolytes get replaced so you feel energised for the rest of the day. A great solution is to choose a natural pick-me-up that won’t cause headaches or feelings of lethargy due to high amounts of sugar, sweeteners or artificial additives.

More and more fitness fanatics are choosing Overhang as their drink of choice after a session at the gym, and with good reason. This delicious gingery drink works quickly to help you feel fresh and energised. Look out for a bottle today to drink after your next workout at retailers across the UK, or why not buy online in bulk so you’re fully prepped and ready to go. Despite the name, Overhang is not just what you think it’s for!


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