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Why your body needs these two important ingredients

Our bodies depend on whatever we feed them to acquire nutrients to fuel our daily needs. What we drink affects our bodies just as much, and it is therefore important to consider your drinks. There has been increasing controversy about the actual benefits versus long term effects of carbonated soft drinks, making natural soft drinks a healthy option. In this blog post, we will cover two common ingredients used in natural soft drinks and their health benefits.


Ginger is a common root of Chinese origin and is closely related to cardamom and turmeric. The underground root is commonly used as a spice as well as for alternative medicine. In soft drinks, the tuber is used powdered or dried. Ginger is claimed to be effective against nausea and other forms of morning sickness. According to, a popular medical reference site, ginger has been shown to reduce seasickness and relieve nausea and vomiting in patients who have undergone surgery. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and can assist patients with arthritis according to the same site. Furthermore, it is a known remedy for muscle and joint pain.

For people with blood sugar problems, ginger has been said to “drastically lower the risk of heart disease” and “reduces cases of blood pressure”. claims that ginger has powerful anti-diabetic properties that aid patients with blood sugar regulation problems. As it happens, Overhang drinks contain a well-balanced serving of ginger that offers you a healthy portion of ginger on your diet.


Oranges are popular fruits that have been used around the world for their health benefits. Orange juice is common in most stores around the country. This is a testament to the health benefits of the fruit, which were used as Vitamin C supplements for sea goers (alongside Limes). According to Medical News Today, oranges have low calories and are full of nutrients that lower risk of disease and improve general health. Like ginger, oranges have been shown to have the ability to regulate blood sugar. The compounds in oranges, especially vitamin C, boost the bodies immunity function.

Overhang drinks are fortified with a generous portion of oranges to improve your family’s health. Get back on top of your nutrition by selecting Overhang, available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, or Morrisons. You can also order for delivery via Amazon.

*Any information on this blog is shared for informational purposes only and must not be treated as advice. For the best advice, please consult a doctor.

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