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As we head into summer, the festival season kicks into life again. Here in the UK, we are very lucky to have some of the best ones in the world to enjoy. From Glastonbury in June to Lattitude in July, there are some real crackers to have fun at. One thing that both new and experienced festival goers need, though, is to pack well. But what are the best things to take when rocking up at a festival?


As well as other essentials like tickets and money, you need to take your best mates along with you. It sounds obvious, but spending several days with loose acquaintances vs ‘the squad’ is a completely different experience. The whole festival experience will be so much more enjoyable with the people around you. From finding your perfect camping spot to seeing some fab live music together, hitting the festivals with friends is frankly, awesome.


It may have been bright sunshine for weeks but you can bet the Great British weather is just waiting to catch you out! That is why taking a pair of wellies with you is so important. Festival sites can get very muddy if the heavens open and 20,000 people are walking about.  Wellies are a no brainer. Keep them in the car if they’re not needed.


Of course, you will theoretically need to sleep for at least a few hours, at some point. To make sure you can do this in safety and relative comfort you should remember to take a tent. Again, it sounds obvious, but last year at Lattitude festival, we met someone who decided to sleep rough all weekend. Needless to say, that didn’t turn out well for him in a field of fire ants and one of the hottest summers in UK history. For complete convenience, take a pop-up one that does not take hours to erect. It is also worth making it distinctive in some way so you can find it again later. Whatever you do, don’t be ‘that person’ who just leaves it at the end. Please pack your tent down and re-use it!

Mobile phone

If you are heading to a festival this summer, then you need to take your smartphone. Don’t expect any signal though. This will not only provide torchlight at nights but also keep you updated with the latest festival news if you connect to site-WiFi. In addition, it’s handy to download ‘offline maps’, so you can still wander about without getting lost. For instruction on how do download offline maps, please visit this link.

Don’t forget to pack Overhang

You could end up feeling a little tired and worse for wear after catching a few bands and throwing some shapes. To combat this, why not take a few bottles of Overhang along in your rucksack? Packed full of Vitamins B3, B5 and B6 to pep you up again as well as 50% of your recommended daily Vitamin C allowance to keep you feeling good. Overhang also contains milk-thistleburdock root & ginger. Since we are not directly allowed to talk about the benefits of each ingredient, we suggest you use a small tool known as ‘google’ to look them up. It works as a health drink for a quick uplift or a refreshing soft drink when you are relaxing in-between sets. Buy Overhang at Tesco in the South-West of England, ASDA in the South-West of England, Holland & Barrett and Morrisons Nationally, select WHSmith travel sites, Amazon UK & EU. The link to Amazon is: HERE.

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