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How can milk thistle help your workout?

Milk thistle is known for its multitude of health benefits – in fact, there is even evidence that the Ancient Greeks used it as an antidote to certain poisons. This is due to its traditionally boasted detoxifying benefits, which is said to help to improve liver health and strengthen bones.

But recently, milk thistle has been lauded as the latest super-supplement for bodybuilders and gym fanatics.

So how can milk thistle help your workout?

Many professional bodybuilders take very high dosages of protein and aminos, as well as additional supplements such as steroids and hormones. Too many of these supplements can put a strain on the liver and in extreme circumstances, they can even lead to long-term liver and kidney problems. Milk thistle has renowned detoxifying properties and is often used as a natural liver cleanse. As a result, some bodybuilders take milk thistle alongside other supplements, to minimize any internal damage over time.

Some bodybuilders and powerlifters also use milk thistle to build muscle. In its natural form, milk thistle can successfully stimulate the mTOR pathway – which is known to be the most important signalling complex for muscle growth.

Milk thistle is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to speed up cell repair. This means that it is a great post-workout supplement for people who are worried about muscle fatigue.

Some recent studies have looked into the possibility that milk thistle may also promote weight loss without risking muscle deterioration, however, more evidence of this is required before a determination can be made.

How do you take milk thistle?

Milk thistle can be ingested as a tablet, a dried herb, or a liquid. When mixed properly, it can also be used to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Overhang contains milk thistle supplement as well as revitalizing ginger and burdock root. One serving contains 50 per cent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins C, B3, B5 and B6.

Overhang, is available in Tesco and ASDA stores in the south west of England, as well as in nationwide branches of Holland & Barrett, Morrisons, select WHSmith travel sites, and Amazon UK & EU.

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