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Secrets to Surviving the Morning Without Coffee

A cup of coffee is the first thing many of us reach for in the morning and functioning without that early morning caffeine boost seems a terrifying prospect. However, as we learn more about the negative impacts of caffeine – like high blood pressure, insomnia and headaches – many of us are choosing to ditch the coffee. From healthy soft drinks to morning meditation we look at some alternative ways to survive your morning without coffee.

Vitamin B

Recently, vitamin B has been getting a lot of attention for its energising effects. This vitamin boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of heart disease and it’s also great for hormone health. Find Vitamin B in supplements or healthy drinks like Overhang which contains vitamins B3, B5 and B6 and is available online and in supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco.


Instead of just throwing the news on TV, some great music in the morning is perfect for getting you up and boosting your mood. Make a playlist of songs that cheer you up or make you dance and listen to it on the way to work to get you motivated. Look for other playlists on YouTube and Spotify and enjoy some morning music to help you wake up.


As many of us try and lead healthier lives, morning meditation has become far easier and more popular. Morning meditation has been proven to increase endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’, combat anxiety and help focus your mind before the day ahead. Take just five minutes to still your mind, relax and get rid of all those worrying thoughts.

Coffee alternatives

If you really need a drink that gives you a morning buzz like caffeine, there are plenty of healthy drinks that can replace your morning coffee. Overhang is one of the best drinks for a morning boost, containing natural ingredients like ginger, milk thistle and burdock root which have proven health benefits. Nourishing your body and soothing your stomach, this low-calorie soft drink is great for natural revitalisation.

Walk to work

When you’re feeling especially tired in the morning, a brisk walk can be a far better way to wake up than coffee and the car. It is proven that the human body will respond to natural exposure to blue light, which in turn will make you feel more awake. If you live close enough to walk to work, then set off a little earlier and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. If you can’t walk to work, think about parking a little further away from the office.

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