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There are lots of great reasons Overhang is such a refreshing, revitalising beverage. One not-so-secret ingredient of our historic recipe for this exciting drink is burdock root. If you’ve never heard of burdock before, this brief guide offers some essential information.

What is burdock?

Burdock is a root vegetable native throughout Europe and parts of Asia. It is also grown in the US. The plant has very deep, long roots which are dark brown in colour.

The roots of burdock have been used as ingredients in natural medical remedies for hundreds of years, commonly for purposes such as aiding digestion and as a diuretic.

What benefits does burdock offer?

Research has uncovered heaps of possible benefits and uses for burdock and it may also be used as a complementary, traditional treatment for certain medical conditions.

Just some of the benefits of burdock root include:

– Contains antioxidant properties, including luteolin, phenolic acids and quercetin. (Ref:

– Can remove toxins from blood. Burdock was traditionally used to purify blood and evidence shows that it can take away toxins and help increase circulation.

– It may inhibit certain cancerous growths, such as pancreatic carcinoma tumours and interfere with the growth of cancer cells. Research into these benefits is ongoing.

– Burdock root was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and research into whether it can enhance sexual performance and function is ongoing.

There you have it, just some of the benefits of burdock root. However, they are not necessarily the reasons burdock root is included in Overhang. Overhang was created using a traditional family recipe that’s more than 100 years old now. We’re really proud of Great-Grandpa Tony’s Genoese roots and the secrets of the healthy pick-me-up recipe he concocted. Overhang is a delicious and natural drink in its own right and you’ll find it’s stocked throughout the UK, including on the shelves of your local Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Holland & Barrett stores. Why not pick up a bottle of Overhang today to try it out? It really isn’t just what you think it’s for!

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